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Terms & Conditions of Hire (Day Boats)

Please read these conditions of hire carefully as they contain legal obligations and liabilities of the hirer.


  • DAY HIRE from 9.15am and return by 5.30pm (or dusk whichever is earlier).
  • Late return Penalty - £25 within first 30 minutes, £50 per hour or part thereafter.
  • If the boat is returned soiled there is a £25 cleaning charge.
  • Mr Badger and Mr Mole 12 (THIS IS A LEGAL LIMIT).
  • Mr Owl and Mr Fox 10 (THIS IS A LEGAL LIMIT).
  • Mr Toad and Mr Otter 8 (THIS IS A LEGAL LIMIT).
  • The boats are available from the boat centre in Broxbourne from 9:15 onwards.
  • CASH SECURITY DEPOSIT of £150 must be left at the boat centre prior to departure that will be refunded on return as per clause 9 in the 'Terms & Conditions'.
  • CANCELLATION: See 'Terms & Conditions' clause 11.
  • PLEASE NOTE: LVBC do not supply First Aid Kits on board so please bring your own.


  • 1. LVBC reserves the right to decline a booking or to refuse to hand over the boat to any person who, in their opinion, is not suitable to take charge. In such cases the hire fee shall be refunded in full and no liability is outstanding on either party. The named hirer in charge of the boat must be over 21 years of age. (Proof of age may be required)
  • 2. LVBC reserves the right to repossess the boat at any time where a serious accident or damage has occurred or in the opinion of LVBC is likely to occur because of the unsuitability of the hirers behaviour or boat handling ability. In such cases LVBC shall not be liable to make a refund.
  • 3. It is the hirer's responsibility to control the general behaviour of those in their charge.
  • 4. AVAILABILITY - The boat is available from 9.15am to 5.30pm (or dusk, whichever comes first). The booking is made on the understanding that the boat will be available on the agreed date. In the unlikely event that this should not be possible through no fault of LVBC, we cannot guarantee to provide alternatives, though we will naturally do everything in our power to do so. Should this not be possible a full refund will be made as a total discharge of the agreement.
  • 5. INSTRUCTION - Prior to departure instruction will be given on boat handling, water safety and the safe use of the boat's equipment.
  • 6. ACCIDENTS - Whilst your boat is insured, you have charge of the boat and are responsible for its safe navigation. Any accidents due to your negligence will be charged to you, whether damage is to the Day Boat or to a 3rd party. No minor may take control of the helm without the supervision of an experienced adult. In the case of any accident or damage to your boat it is your responsibility to find out the name of the other boat and it's owner or person in control, their address and telephone number. To report the facts as soon as possible to LVBC.
  • 7. SERIOUS ACCIDENTS - LVBC will not be responsible for any death or personal injury save in so far as it results from proven negligence.
  • 8. DELAYS - No responsibility will be accepted by LVBC for loss of time or expenses occasioned through accidental damage to the boat whilst in your charge. No liability can be accepted for loss, damage or expenses that occur as a result of any defect or breakdown unless it is proven to have been caused by the negligence of LVBC. Please report any defect or breakdown as soon as possible to the Boat Centre that will act as speedily as possible to rectify the problem. Do not attempt any repair without checking with the Boat Centre first.
  • 9. SECURITY DEPOSIT - A deposit of £150.00 in cash will be required on the day of hire. LVBC reserve the right to withhold all or part of this deposit if:
    • a. The boat or any equipment is lost or damaged.
    • b. The boat is returned soiled. Cleaning charge £25.00.
    • c. The boat is not returned at the agreed time. Late return charges £25.00 within the first 30 minutes then £50.00 for every hour or part thereof.
  • 10. ACCOMMODATION - The maximum number of passengers and crew shall not exceed 8, 10 or 12(see legal limits above). Any changes to numbers of passengers must be notified to a member of staff before the start of the trip.
  • 11. CANCELLATIONS - If either a deposit or full payment has been made and you wish to cancel within 7 - 21 days of the date - the money will only be refunded if we can obtain an alternative booking. If you move the date between 7 - 21 days before the hire the same applies but if you postpone within 7 days of the hire date no refund can be made. If you cancel before 21 days of the hire date any money paid to us will be refunded less a £25 admin charge. The admin charge will also apply to any of the above.